Joanna’s Adventure across Asia – a brief introduction of my portfolio

About Joanna:

Hi, I’m Joanna. I come from Shenyang, an industrial city in northeast China. But now, I’m studying my postgraduate degree of Global Media and Communication in the University of Warwick in the UK. The sharp cultural contrasts in food, language, custom  and life style between China and UK have made me really miss my great old days, not only  in my home country, but also across Asia where I have travelled a lot during my undergraduate time.

So, as a review of my memories of Asia in the past four years, this blog will introduce you my personal experiences and thoughts about certain cities and countries that I have been to. It’s not just a tour guide or a traveling diary, but the convergence of information and emotion.

The blog posts will be divided into three parts according to geographical location.


1.China: the diversity of tourism resources.

2.Beijing or Shanghai? Which is the No.1?

3.What is the real Chinese food?

4.Brave Chinese: everything is eatable!


5.Thailand: a perfect choice of the first outbound trip for Chinese.

6.Cambodia, where my journey of photography starts.


7. South Korea: K-POP is everything!

8.Japan, a nation with the enthusiasm to restrain.

Find more in this video about Joanna’s Adventure across Asia!


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