Brave Chinese: everything is eatable!

(Do not open during a meal!)

In my last blog post, I introduced some basic but typical Chinese foods. After finishing the edit, I suddenly came up with the idea that why not introduce something ‘extraordinary’! So, today’s blog post will be filled with Chinese foods that Western people might never dare to imagine.

As you may know, Chinese people have the reputation of ‘eating everything as long as they knew how to cook’. But to what extent are these foods extraordinary? Let me give you a list of the unbelievable things.

In China, almost every part of poultry and livestock is eatable.

Parts of Chicken:feet, heads, neck, livers, gizzards, hearts, ass…

                               soya sauce chicken feet           BBQ chicken heads                 fried chicken gizzards

Parts of Duck:feet, heads, neck, tongues, intestines…

                                              duck head                            duck tongue                       duck intestines

Parts of Pork:feet, face, ear, livers, tripes, intestines, brain…

                         stewed pig’s feet with soybeans      spicy sliced pig’s ear           BBQ pig’s brain 

Parts of Beef:tongue, tripe, honeycomb tripe, omasum, tendon, ligament…

                              steamed honeycomb tripe           boiled omasum                       spicy ligament

Parts of Lamb:kidney, and other entrails. Unlike the famous Scottish Haggis, we boiled the entrails with different soup-stocks or as cold dishes with sauce.

                                spicy entrails hot-pot                  stewed entrails                     spicy cold entrails

In spite of the uncommon parts of animals, in certain parts of China, people eat more unbelievable things!

People in northeast China (like me) eat fried silkworm chrysalis.( Well…it is really delicious, tender inside, crispy outside and full of protein. But you will need to pick a hard core out before chewing, and finally spit the skin out.)


People in Xiamen eat a kind of ‘jelly’ made of the dead body of sand-worms. After boiling, the pectin inside the worm will be mixed into the water. Then cool it down to become jelly and serve with your favorite sauce.But I have to admit that I did not have the coverage to try it when seeing the skin of the worm remained in the jelly!


But people from Guangdong are the real pioneers in ‘eating everything’! They nearly eat all kinds of animals! Snake, owl, dog, cats, rabbits,  pangolin, even mouse! But these behaviors are absolutely controversial among the society for their ignorance of the lives of innocent animals.


                                                                             Do not ask for pictures please…

Among the magical or terrible foods I introduced above, chicken feet, pig’s feet, honeycomb trip and amasum are easy to be found in formal Chinese restaurants in Western countries.

(For ‘formal Chinese restaurants’, I mean the restaurants that serves with separate dishes rather than something like a buffet or just for take away.)

In the end of this blog post, I sincerely hope I did not freak you out 🙂


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