Thailand:a perfect choice of the first outbound trip for Chinese people!

Do you still remember the destination of your first outbound trip? I guess for most British people, it should be somewhere across the English Channel, like France! But for Chinese people, many of them would prefer to choose Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, to be their first option.

Factors that make Thailand such a hot spot can be concluded as below.

Low cost

Traveling expense would be rather low when compared with western countries or even other Asian countries. Within £20, you can stay in a clean, centre-located and locally-decorated double room for 1 night with breakfast; Within £5, you can eat one dish of whatever you like on the menu in an ordinary restaurant with beverage. And that is absolutely, not the extremely economic way of spending money there – if you are really during a lean time, you can be even scantier and live in a youth hostel and eat in roadside stands in order to stay in a budget of £10 everyday!

Rich tourism resources

In everyone’s imagination, Thailand is a paradise for taking a vacation on its countless beautiful beaches with gentle wind, soft sand and bright sunshine! Yes, Thailand is the same with their imaginations, but Thailand is more than their imaginations! In spite of sea view and beaches, Thailand is also somewhere you can experience the authentic Buddhism culture through those ancient temples and Buddhists. Further more, numerous markets and night markets will give foreign tourists a great opportunity to know the local life as well as have a feast of delicious Thai foods or a shopping for local handcrafts.


Asia is not as united as Europe both in politic and geography. So location will be a vital issue when considering where to spend a holiday. Thailand borders on China by Yunan, a province in southwest China. Although seldom would Chinese tourists go to Thailand by train cross the border, transportation between these two countries is easier and cheaper with loads of direct flights connecting main cities of each other.


My first outbound trip was also to Thailand. But it was really a pity that 5 years ago, when I was still not professional in DIY tour, I had to travel with my parents. Unfortunately, they booked a package tour for 6 days in Bangkok and Pattaya… So we just went to some basic sightseeing spots, no local restaurants or markets!!! The only thing I appreciated was that two elder sisters in the same group brought me out to a local night markets under the admission of my parents. As a result, that boring trip did not leave me much impression about these two cities.

Later I became addicted to searching tourism information on traveling forum and found that there were so many places deserving a visit in Thailand and so many delicious Thai food deserving a try! I’m sure that I will come back to Thailand, not only to Bangkok, but also other hot destinations like Phuket Island, Chiengmai, Pai, etc. I have also learned to cook some Thai dishes, such as Green Curry, Pad Thai and Papaya Salad. Hope one day I can have a cooking class in the famous restaurant Blue Elephant in Bangkok!


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