Cambodia, where my journey of photography starts!

In the past, traveling was just a way of escaping from the boring daily routine by exploring sceneries and cultures of another place. During a journey, the only three things to do is sightseeing, eating and shopping. But before the trip to Cambodia, I got a more professional camera, thus, photography has become an important part of my journey since then.

In the past, what I used to take photo was just a basic digital camera. I did not feel disappointed with the pictures I took because I thought photos were just for recording what had ever happened. Until one day, I saw a traveling diary of Cambodia with the cover picture of the sunrise of the Angkor Wat. Suddenly, I realized that I wanted to take a picture as amazing as that one! So I asked my parents for a ‘entry-level’ DSLR, and luckily they agreed! Then I got my Nikon D3200, which has accompanied with me for 2 years.


I still remember the memorable morning when we got up at no later than 4 o’clock, went forward with our tuk-tuk driver in the darkness without breakfast. When we got to the best place of view finding, the pond before the entrance of the Angkor Wat, there had already been crowded with photography enthusiasts and their professional equipments. It was a cloudy morning. The gentle sunshine broke through the clouds occasionally,  leaving hazy halos above the unawakened earth. But it had already been breathtaking enough!


Later in the journey, I found the pleasure of taking photos of myself.


This one was taken inside the Angkor Wat after finishing the sunrise capture. I used a totally black and white mode to highlight the wall with carvings.


This one is more funny. I set my camera still with a tripod, then I took a photo whenever I moved to a different spot within this area. Finally, use softwares like Photoshop to cut ‘you’ out from each picture and drag all ‘you’ parts to the same place in a chosen picture in that series.


This one was taken secretly by my friend when I was immersed in choosing postcards. The  clear front and the blurring background had made a strong contrast. I also like the warm-tone built by the light of that store.

Journey never ends! My journey of photography does the same! Last year, I bought a new lens with longer focal length for my camera. I will keep on updating my equipments, keep on enhancing my photography skills and keep on recording my journeys with high quality photos!


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