South Korea: K-POP is everything!

To what extent do you think the influence of South Korea popular culture has achieved?


In 2015, one Chinese tourism reality show called Sisters over Flowers took its participators – 7 film stars of different ages to Turkey. One of these 7 stars, Song Qian, was so often chased after and encircled by local people that the show nearly could not carry on. What happened? Why were Turkey people so curious about this Chinese girl?


The truth was… Song Qian is a Chinese girl who develops her entertainment career in South Korea as the leader of a famous band called F(x). And those who chased after and encircled her were all crazy fans of her or her band! I was astonished to find that the influence of South Korea popular culture has already reached to Europe, even though Turkey is just at the border of Asia and Europe.

I always believe that I’m not a crazy fan of K-POP. I do watch South Korea TV soaps, but just the very popular one; I do listen to South Korea musics, but without any special favor of certain singer; I do like South Korea cosmetics, but it is because Chinese people have the similar skin type with South Korea people. So, I do not think I will be affected so much by the South Korea popular culture, until the end of my trip to Seoul…


In my 6-day journey, I booked a one-day tour to two popular destination in rural Seoul.

This colorful village is famous as one of the scenes of the most popular TV soap in 2014,  Love from Star.

And this small isolated island became well known for being the scenes of the classic TV soap Winter Sonata. And the bicycle they used to shoot the scenes here was even treated as a exhibit!

Apart from the one-day tour, many other places I visited were also associated with all kinds of South Korea popular cultures!

This community with creative wall paintings occurred in one popular TV series called Rooftop Prince.

We went to try the South Korean fried chicken with local beer because again in the Love from Star, one of the famous ‘saying’ of the heroine is ‘ fried chicken and beer is the best fit for the first snow of the year’.

We went to this local market and choose these specific snacks because in a really hot South Korean reality show Running Man, the stars also went here and tried these foods.

We walked a long way to find this cafe because I wanted to buy that toy. And that toy is one of the peripheral series of the chatting application Line,  which has the same status  as WhatsApp to western people and WeChat to Chinese.

So, you can see how was my trip to Seoul largely affected by the South Korea popular culture. And you know, I would never tell you how much I spent on buying South Korean cosmetics…





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